Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Habits

New habits are sometimes hard to stick to, this blog being my newest habit I want to make a go of. Sorry I fell asleep at the wheel, I'm going to try and stick to at least 3 posts a week, not sure of the exact schedule, but it will work around my Weight Watchers Meeting day (Monday) and then every other day or there about.

I have been rocking the Active Link challenge. Exceeding 100% every day, except the day I forgot to put it on my for my walk!  Food has been the more challenging of the two for me. I have been within points range, if you take my AP's into account, but I don't think my choices have been for the best (hello wine) which then lead to other bad choices. This week, in my own head, I swore off wine for the week, but now, putting it out there, I feel like I will be more accountable.

At my meeting this week I was down .6 for a grand total of down 55 pounds!  I am super excited to be back at this milestone and I'm dong my best not to remember I have been there before, I am focusing on the fact I am there again!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Outdoor Run

I haven't been running outdoors lately.  All treadmill for me, luckily we have one at home, it's creaky, loud and makes the dinning room chandelier sway (i'm above it), but hey, it works.  When I first started running, I only did it outdoors, so my body, for the most part, was used to it.  Rewind to 18 months ago and my first injury, and I have been a mostly treadmill runner with occasional outdoor runs.  I really want to end that.  I miss running outdoors, it always seems so much more of an accomplishment, so much more cleansing to my soul.  The only thing I miss about my old house is the easy access to a trail head that was paved in asphalt and went on further then I could run.  It was pretty darn awesome.  Now I have no trails with easy access.  So street running will have to do.

Today, I laced up and decided it was the day.  I headed out and felt good.  I live in a hilly area so my pace was way slower then on the treadmill, but I got in 3.6 miles.  It was slow and ugly, but I got it in.  It felt so good.  Hopefully, I can continue and work running outdoors back into my routine.  I miss it!  It will also enable me to sign up for some 5K's which I haven't done in awhile.  even though I run them, it's so much fun to do an actual event.  I need to look into some local events.

Tonight I made Gina's Skinny Recipe's Crock Pot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili.  It was good and for a low 5 points + it was awesome!  I even have some to eat while The Husband is on a business trip!  If you have the ingredients, I recommend it!

I am also doing Dani's ProgressNotPerfection Tracking Challenge and have been doing excellent, all of my food tracked!  Now if only I can remember to check off my healthy checks, that I'm not so good at!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting 2013 Right

Happy New Year!

I ended 2012 by doing this!

Totally filling up my Active Link, yay me!  I went for a run and then stayed pretty active the rest of the day, and it's all lit up!

Eighteen months ago I was running a lot and training for a half marathon, however after injuring myself, not letting myself heel properly, then injuring myself again, I have been a sporadic runner.  I only logged 173 miles in 2012, almost half of what I did in 2011, and that was half of what I did in 2010! This year I would like to get my running mojo back!  I am hoping to, at the least doubling my 2012 numbers this year.  My knee is finally feeling a bit better, so this morning I decided to KT Tape myself up and try running two days in a row, something I haven't done in a while.

I felt great!  It was a good run, still some slight knee pain, but i'm new at this whole KT tape thing, so i'll try and tape myself up better next time.

After I finished, I talked the family into going for a walk to the park to let The Kid run around for a bit, then we came home and did a crazy globe puzzle.  It was a great start to the New Year!

I normally don't do resolutions, but I do want to set some goals for myself...

  • Run three times a week, even when traveling.
  • 3 Weight Watchers meeting a month, minimum.
  • Try to blog my feelings instead of eat them.
  • Have fun while doing the above!
Welcome 2013!