Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Habits

New habits are sometimes hard to stick to, this blog being my newest habit I want to make a go of. Sorry I fell asleep at the wheel, I'm going to try and stick to at least 3 posts a week, not sure of the exact schedule, but it will work around my Weight Watchers Meeting day (Monday) and then every other day or there about.

I have been rocking the Active Link challenge. Exceeding 100% every day, except the day I forgot to put it on my for my walk!  Food has been the more challenging of the two for me. I have been within points range, if you take my AP's into account, but I don't think my choices have been for the best (hello wine) which then lead to other bad choices. This week, in my own head, I swore off wine for the week, but now, putting it out there, I feel like I will be more accountable.

At my meeting this week I was down .6 for a grand total of down 55 pounds!  I am super excited to be back at this milestone and I'm dong my best not to remember I have been there before, I am focusing on the fact I am there again!

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